Eagle Eye

Calling all Martinez Elementary Father Figures!

The Eagle Eye program is now in its second year and seeks to make an even larger positive impact on student achievement while offering strong role models for future leaders. This program is specifically designed for male figures in the lives of students, and is actively seeking enthusiastic participation from great dads, grandpas, uncles, and other male role models. A group of males, that pool their time, resources and ideas into helping provide a more fruitful education environment for our children;  the “muscle” that gets called in to help with various projects and events.  Eagle Eye provides resources and a path to accomplish various projects in the spirit of continually improving Martinez for all kids & staff. 

Feel free to email with any questions or concerns @ eagleeye@martinezpto.com

WHat do they help with?

what is the commitment?

this is completely up to you! If you have one hour a week or one hour a month; come when you can & help with what you can.  all events are optional, but we would love to have you be a part of the group. 

how do i join?

All male figures who join PTO, are welcome to be a part of Eagle Eye. All PTO members who volunteer, will need to do a few steps:

1)    Download/Print the Parent Volunteer Form from the CCBOE website or pick one up from the front office.

2)    Watch the 7-minute video on the CCBOE website.

3)    Fill out the form and sign in two places.

4)    Turn into the front office with a copy of your ID.

5)    Email meseaglepto@gmail.com to let us know you have completed this.